How to use Dried Flowers in your Space

While vibrant in color, fresh flowers and plants tend to feel daunting to some as plants need constant care, and fresh flowers can seem fleeting. Using preserved and dried flowers can eliminate any stress and keep your space looking unique and on-trend, saving you money and time. Here are some ways to use everlasting flowers in your space.


Dried floral wreaths can be the perfect addition to a space. They add vibrant textures, while their appearance can add volume to a once blank wall. Honey and the Moon offer artisan dried flower wreaths handcrafted to add that special touch to any home.


To enhance a space's aesthetic, the use of pampas grass paired with black dried palm leaves can add height and texture, complimenting a lush dark green accent wall that creates a mystic moody dining room vibe.


Dried flower arrangements can create a vibe that takes a standard entryway and transform it into an eye-catching, dreamy aesthetic. The use of large and small dried flowers can wield warmth and add character.


A large wall can be enhanced by adding different style wall hangings with dried flowers mixed in. Style them in your home to create a rustic-chic aesthetic.

Whether it's a blank canvas in your home that you don't know what to do with or an entryway that feels outdated, Honey and the Moon uses everlasting flowers that can create magic in any ordinary space

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