The language of Flowers

Here at Honey and the Moon, we feel that there's something magical about the natural world; beneath the hard soil, roots pulsate with life. Stems can stretch and transform, and when a bud finally blooms, joy can spark within.

Flowers have been known to instill a sense of connection, using them for occasions to foster kindness and love. The act of using flowers is rooted in our human history. The Ancient Egyptians used to decorate their carts with flowers before heading into war, and the Ancient Greeks associated flowers with gods. During the Victorian Era, instead of speaking their emotions, the Victorians would give flowers to express their feelings. People began to build bouquets based on what they wanted to express, and that language has carried its way into our present-day as we use flowers to express our own sentiment and meaning.And while there's magic in flowers, there's also magic in preserving what can feel fleeting. Instead of watching flowers wilt, dried flowers can create feelings of rebirth. Their textures even more vibrant, and colors naturally illuminated can leave an everlasting imprint on any space.

Collecting and preserving flowers is a practice that dates back to the 16th century where Japanese artists began the practice of Oshibana. They would create large pictures using pressed flowers as their medium, building an innovative way to preserve a flower's beauty.

With the use of various grasses, pods, and palms, dried floral arrangements have the ability to create movement that can transform any environment. From flat desert lands to lush forest streams; From mountain peaks to shallow seas, Honey and the Moon is traversing its way into spaces where our dried and preserved flowers can sing.

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